What is Talk About It?

 Talk About It emerged from time spent in prayer with God. Praying for vision, for purpose. Talk About It came at a point in my quest to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and the scripture so that I might arm myself to fight my battles with the word of God. I wanted to be well-versed in the Gospel so that I could confidently proclaim it. I am also aware of how challenging it may sometimes be to spread the gospel in modern society.

Believers of Christ may sometimes come across as obnoxious or aggressive when it comes to spreading the gospel. In prayer, I asked the Lord to give me vision on how to share the Gospel organically for the times we are in. I immediately had the notion to create Talk About It.

Today's culture is dominated by curiosity. We all want to be informed about the newest fashions, news, and other information. We don't want to feel lost or uninformed.
How can we develop a product that is motivated and driven by curiosity to aid in the natural spread of the Gospel?

As a result, we developed TALK ABOUT IT, which features a single Bible verse (Ex: 1 Corinthians 13) on a garment, that will lead the person reading the shirt to be intrigued about what it implies.

It is a perfect conversation starter and a great way for the person wearing it to share the Gospel and evangelize without appearing to be forcing their “Religion” on someone. It’s our job to wear it, and God will fill people’s hearts with curiosity. Just know that when you wear the shirt, you need to be ready to explain and TALK ABOUT IT!

You might be asking why the text is white, yet our shirts are black. God taught me that his message is a light in a dark world. The white verse symbolizes his light (Psalms 119:105), and the black shirt represents the world.
My name is Jessica and I am the vessel that God is using to steward this ministry.
 My prayer to you is that you always seek the Kingdom of God. That you take enjoyment in this new opportunity to talk about the Gospel. All we must do is our part; God will take care of the rest.